Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the cost of the procedure/procedures?
A. The cost of surgery is solely dependent upon the procedure/procedures being performed which is based on a realistic goal to be achieved, and is determined after a consultation between Dr. Boyce and the patient. The patient can phone the office for a convenient time to schedule a consultation.

Q. What is the recovery period?
A. Usually, the recovery period is 7 to 14 days depending upon the patient and the procedure/procedures performed.

Q. Will there be discomfort?
A. The level of discomfort varies depending on the patient and the procedure/procedures involved. With today's modern anesthesia techniques, most procedures have minimal if no discomfort levels experienced by the patients. As it is our goal to achieve the maximum level of comfort for all of our patients, a prescription to relieve discomfort will be provided if necessary.

Q. When can I exercise?
A. Depending on the procedure/procedures you may exercise approximately 2 days to 3 weeks afterward.

Q. Will there be a significant difference in the way I look after surgery and will people notice?
A. Bearing in mind that it is our goal to provide you with an improved look based on your natural assets, there should be a significant improvement in your appearance; including a more youthful, rested look.

Q. How long does the procedure/procedures last before I need surgery again?
A. Depending on the procedure/procedures chosen, the surgery will result in an improvement ranging from approximately a few to 10+ years. The surgery, however, will not stop the aging process.

Q. How long before I can wear makeup?
A. You can start wearing makeup approximately 7-14 days after the procedure/procedures.

Q. How much bruising and swelling will occur?
A. The amount of bruising and swelling depends upon the patient and the procedures chosen. There are however, both pre and post operative recommendations given to the patient at the time of consultation.

Q. Will I be able to drive myself home after surgery?
A. You need to make preparations for someone to drive you home after your surgery if your procedure requires more than local anesthesia.

Q. When stitches are involved with a surgery, when will they be removed?
A. Stitches are typically removed within one week but this will depend on the type of surgery you had.

Q. What can I expect during a surgical consultation?
A. During a consultation, the doctor will take a thorough medical history and discuss your goals. All aspects of the treatment plan or surgery should be explained in detail, including the technique, the facility, the anesthesia, the risks and the costs. Computerized photo imaging may be performed.

Q. Does Dr. Boyce just do surgical correction for the aging face?
A. No, there are minimally invasive and non invasive options depending on an individual’s particular concerns. During a consultation, Dr. Boyce can help you make an informed decision as to whether a minimally invasive or non invasive procedure can help you achieve the improvement you desire.

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